Dr. Hartmut Schneider


Dr. Hartmut Schneider (Consultant) Has Volunteered since 2015. Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA, a renowned professor of medicine with abundant experiences in teaching nurses, physical therapists and medical students.  He commits to give classroom lectures at out Boot Camp events and ongoing continuing education through the ExamMed telemedicine platform.  The classroom will teach symptoms and signs of physical and mental violence against women as well as health consequences of VAW/G.  It will create the awareness of the importance of social and medical health in rural areas, both of which are requirements to fight VAW/G.  The ExamMed platform for teaching was selected for several reasons: 1) It is a simple to learn and use platform, yet very comprehensive for a web based virtual classroom (VC).   2) It allows students to attend the VC either through desktops at the Inwelle centre or through their own mobile phones at no additional roaming costs.  3)  Once students are experienced with this platform, they will be able to apply it in the real world as assessment tools to identify  potential new candidates at risk for VAW/G.  4) if needed, individual traumatized girls and women will get access to specialists of post traumatic stress syndrome and women’s  health in Germany and the US.  Overall, at the end of the project, we will have tested the hypothesis that healthcare teaching using state of the art telemedicine platform will provide an ideal tool for expanding and sustain programs against VAW/G

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