Inwelle Study and Resource Center, Enugu State, Nigeria is organizing a one month boot camp, partnering with Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States and Global NGO Solutions founded by Dr. Jo Ann Murphy.

Undergraduates, graduates and even Nigeria trained professionals will be trained exclusively on solar panels installation. In this period of one month, the trainees will be able to study solar panel installation and actually do an installation themselves, at the Inwelle Centre’s Headquarters, No. 5 Inwelle Avenue Pipeline Estate, Amorji Nike, Enugu at a very subsidized rate.


  • Inwelle Centre provides cost-effective solutions and has several benefits including:
    • best in class service delivered efficiently at a subsidized price
    • quality service and better reliability
    • provides more than what you paid for
    • having your best interest in mind as we work with you make sure you get only what you need
    • giving you the opportunity of working with us and for others subsequently
    • getting opportunities to start a company and become an entrepreneur
    • giving you the opportunity of joining our team to the United Nations to give our annual reports and even make presentations on our panel

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