Profile of Odida Ogidi: The Site for the Inwelle Satellite Centre, Ogidi.

Odida Ogidi has a population of about 8,000. The youths in this area of Ogidi are restless and restive. The problems the youths in this village face are based on so many circumstances, the two glaring ones being lack of counseling, guidance on how to select careers, and the get rich quick syndrome which tends to push them into stealing, armed robbery, kidnapping, and obtaining by false pretense.

The issue of I. T. illiteracy in the village also impede their ability to access information on the internet or to take advantage of the endless possibilities of skills acquisition in the I.T. field to enhance their lives and to make a living. Most parents can not afford to buy computers; therefore, the young people do not have access to computers. Odida Ogidi is populated mostly by teachers and civil servants. The indigent do not do well in trading. Hence, the village cannot boast of successful business people or the money bags who can bring money into the community.

Therefore, locating a resource centre which will give access to learning to the youths of Odida is still in keeping with the integrity and the culture of this village which can boast of Professors of English, Mathematics, Engineering, and Law, etc. two Reverend fathers and a Reverend Sister, Pentecostal Church Pastors. The indigenes are known for their kindness, accommodating nature and love for education; hence, the village gave acres of land to the catholic Church to build a boys’ secondary school and also gave land for the only Polytechnic in Ogidi.