Prof Christiana Okechukwu Teaching


Inwelle Village Square creates linkages between out-of-school youth (ages 16-25) around the world. We hope that this village square will serve as a platform for participatory learning in local lores and folktales that will enlighten youths to the diversity of opinions snd practices in parts of the world other than their own. Local challenges typify discord exacerbated by limited to no exposure to neighboring countries that are often culturally different. Lack of information and prejudices are the great divide: we aim to bridge the divide. In a society where many youths are oblivious of practices around the world,

We aim to empower them by using oral literature and histories as a backdrop for sharing ideas about their present realities andfuture. Youths will digitally capture visual images and recordings of a dozen oral stories and send to us to upload and start a discussion. These stories will also be used for identifying meaningful ways youths can proactively address problems using their own local resources.

Also, stories will be used to address the issues surrounding violence against women. We encourage readers to send us stories and pictures that expose incidents of violence against women for discussion by this group. We hope to use this forum to create awareness for ways to combat violence of any kind, being bullying, gender based violence, racially motivated violence etc.