For 30 days, the participants will be taught Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology . They will also teach each other academic subjects that they are strong in. They will hold folktale sessions in the evening and discuss social issues woven around these tales. They will be taught landscaping at the boot Camp. They will be lectured on the importance of landscaping and tree planting to help the environment.

Participatory Learning Academic Boot Camp . targets high school graduate girls, in Enugu, Nigeria, between ages 16 and 19, living in poverty who cannot get into colleges and who lack skills to find jobs, takes them through a programme designed to break their poverty cycle and improve their chances of taking charge of their future by improving their chances of earning livable wages.The idea is to give them computer skills and additional tutoring instructions to supplement their learning in order for them to pass their JAMB, NECO and individual higher institution’s exams and at the same time be earning wages. The program will improve their chances of getting into higher institutions and finding jobs. This programme combines preparatory tutoring with computer skills acquisition to maximize their chances of academic success in writing college assignments and securing jobs on graduation from college.