We accept interns in all fields.

Qualification:   Interest in lending a helping hand.

Experience:   None required.


  • Agriculture

  • Communication

  • Technology

  • Computer Science

  • Information Technology

  • Graphic Design

  • Music

  • Theatre


  • Drama

  • Dance

  • Creative Writing

  • Arts and Craft

  • History

  • Marketing

  • Advertisement

  • Public Relations


We provide bed and breakfast within the Centre’s facility. Interns provide their own lunch and dinner. Well-equipped kitchens and toilet facilities are provided at the Centre’s guest wing.


Two of Inwelle Centre long term goals are to establish an academic journal and to establish a scholar- mentoring scholar/artist mentoring artists programmes. Hence the centre has positioned itself and built its capacity to serve as a credible place where foreign scholars seeking to do research in the region will find resources and even find accommodation. There is token fee for this service. We also welcome donations for this service. The Centre also has a scholars-mentoring-scholar project. Most of this will be in form of distance learning and area lecturers will be charged fees to take advantage of this service. Inwelle Centre is painstakingly building the on-line community that will subscribe to its Journal of Social Issues and writers that will contribute to this journal.


Volunteers are accepted in our numerous projects.

  • Science experts for school children science projects

  • Artists for budding artists projects

  • Reading and writing teachers for undergraduate participants research projects

  • Administrators for training our Centre staff

  • Humanities Experts for giving seminars and workshop to youth participants

  • Computer expert for helping to train participants

  • Counselors for our workshops

  • Project supervisors

Other volunteers in any field of endeavour that will enhance the life of our participants are welcome. Typical areas are painting, gardening, landscaping, driving, renovation, secretarial, teaching and adult literacy.