The specifications for locating a satellite centre in a community are as follows:

  • Community involvement leading to sustainability and self-sufficiency

  • Outline of programme of Activities that reflect Inwelle Centre vision and mission

  • Commitment to sending annual report to Inwelle Centre, not later than February of the following year after a programme year

  • Providing a room equipped with shelves and access to the internet

  • Sponsoring two or three girls to be trained at Inwelle Centre to learn how to run the satellite centre

  • Commitment to paying stipends to the girls who run the centre.

The community pays stipends to the girls running the satellite centres. The two satellite centres already established are thriving because of community commitment. They now have internet access and individuals donate books to the centres. The Communities also hold educational activities. Also, individuals in the community are beginning to sponsor participants. Unfortunately, they are mostly willing to sponsor boys. Consequently, we are compelled to continuously seek for funders to sponsor girls. We supply each community with 1000 books and two computers to start them off. The community then start internet cafes and conduct adult education programmes for the villages. They use retired educators public spirited individuals, and retired government functionaries in their midst to tap into local government and state resources to aid them in running programmes.