Our Educational Philosophy

Inwelle International Academy Of Excellence is committed to improving the educational landscape in a variety of ways, including the adoption of more holistic, innovative, and technologically enhanced approaches to student learning. We target the whole child in our approach to educating our students, taking into cognizance myriad challenges of the wider communities within which IIAE is situated. Thus, we plan to implement programmes that recognize and support the social, emotional, physical, civic, and academic needs of students. With a student-centric, whole child teaching and learning strategy, we aim at improving student achievement and encouraging life-long learning through strong partnerships among the principal and the head teachers of our different levels, parents, teachers, and the staff. We plan to empower parents to be active participants in their child’s education and engage the IIAE community around student success.


  • Well-rounded, confident, and productive citizens

  • Confident young adults with 21st century skills and a strong work ethic.

  • Collaborative learners, ethical decision makers, and creative thinkers.

  • Effective communicators with leadership potential.


We envision an academy that is aligned with the Ministry of Education’s principles of providing quality education at all levels, while and incorporating the tenets of the UNESCO efforts at transforming education to be relevant, inclusive, and effective in preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. To this end, IIAE is focused on creating a state-of-the-art school facility which is an empowering, welcoming, safe, respectful, and focused learning environment for all where we can nurture and support our students in developing the skills and competencies needed to pursue further/tertiary education or vocational training for self-employment and job creation. In the next six years, IIAE would have evolved to offering a full-day kindergarten programme and after school activities to every primary school student.

In the next six years, IIAE will incorporate:

  • Strong instruction designed to provide personalized opportunities for students to learn, achieve, and succeed at their highest potential.

  • Evidence-based practices informed by school and student data to tailor programmes and instruction focused on results.

  • Professional development activities for staff focused on creating a safe learning community that fosters high expectations, collaboration, love of learning, respect for diversity, and a sense of belonging.

Strategic Beliefs and Priorities:

  • IIAE will provide the opportunity for all students to achieve at the highest possible standards academically and in terms of student academic progress.

  • IIAE will provide a climate of mutual respect that promotes student academic progress.

  • IIAE will provide a safe environment that recognizes differences among students

  • IIAE will provide a programme of instruction that results in acceptable, measurable, student academic progress based on established Ministry of Education standards.

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Goals and Objectives

Inwelle International Academy of Excellence is committed to excellence in education, equality of educational opportunity, and the recognition of each student's individuality. In as much as students differ in their rate of physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and vary in their needs and abilities, learning opportunities shall be provided that are consistent with personal development and potential. Programmes shall emphasize diagnostic and prescriptive instruction, allowing an individual approach to each student's learning style and educational needs. The educational programme will introduce each student to a variety of interest and subject areas that offer exposure to the range of perspectives and future opportunities. These experiences produce the basis for further education and future employment.


An educational environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to instructional expectations shall be established.

  1. Data regarding satisfaction with the school system will be gathered from all relevant sources and utilized in programme review.

    1. IIAE will develop a climate committee that includes input from teachers, students, parents, and administrators and shall address each student’s individual and general needs.

    2. There will be an organized and continuing effort to assess and improve the status of working conditions and staff morale.

  2. Across all grade levels, commitment to Quality Management and performance-driven decision making shall be put in place.

  3. Each segment of IIAE—Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary— shall develop a means of assessing staff and teacher morale through the use of better communication between the Board, administration, and employees.

  4. School facilities shall be reviewed constantly to ensure a safe and conducive educational environment.


A system for on-going programme improvement shall be developed.

  1. Available materials will be utilized for pre, mid, post and/or benchmark testing as utilized in the teacher evaluation process. These materials will aid in implementing the requirements set forth in the evaluation process. Materials may include teacher-made materials and student portfolios.

  2. Evaluate sequence and teacher lesson plans to maximize learning and implement innovative practices.

  3. Schedule and plan instruction so as to maximize time on task in the classroom, computer labs, and individual tutoring for mastery.

  4. Evaluate and track at-risk students in all classes objectified towards the development of individualized learning plans if needed.

  5. A follow-up program of gathering data from graduates and school withdrawals will be used in program review and improvement.



Instructional opportunities and placement that increase students’ potential for achieving success as adults shall be provided.

  1. Establish expansion of programmes to improve student success from Kindergarten through Senior Secondary School graduation.

  2. Align the curriculum to meet the Ministry of Education requirements while include the UNESCO transforming education for the 21st Century practices.

  3. Maximize the use of technology to meet curriculum and instruction requirements.

  4. Provide recognition for educational achievement by students as well as by educational personnel.


Seek continuous improvement through creating a community that is informed and involved in the Academy

  1. Create committees of students, schools, parents, and community representatives through the use of email lists, newsletters, the Academy website, and social media.

  2. As is mandatory for any quality school, a portion of all teacher evaluations will be their effectiveness at communicating clear goals and instructional procedures to students and being flexible in scheduling meetings with parents as well as using multiple modes of communication.


While enrollment projections can provide a broad view of population changes and instructional needs, we consider them as only one part of the total picture. In establishing the future for the students of Inwelle International Academy of Excellence, consideration is given to IIAE’s history, students’ instructional needs, funding availability, and community concerns

Funding Strategy

Inwelle International Academy of Excellence initiative involves a strategic approach to efficiently and effectively organizing resources to support student access and success while keeping tuition and fees affordable given local conditions. The Management and Advisory Boards are thus committed to working with all stakeholders to establish a coherent and sustainable funding strategy that provides consistency and clarity for IIAE as an academy run by a non-governmental and non-profit organization. This includes, but is not limited to, outreach to local and international philanthropists and multinational donor agencies; partnerships with local and national industries, religious/social institutions, and local leadership; and fundraising activities such as community activities, conferences, learning material development, and sponsorships aimed at sustainability.

To sustain IIAE, the administration is focused on following these three initial funding priorities:

  1. Making efficient use of current and new resources in place.

  2. Establishing the framework for IIAE’s provision through partial subsidy from Inwelle Study and Resource Centre activities.

  3. Leverage existing and new resources and infrastructure to expand programmes when necessary.

  4. Accountability and governance through implementing standard accounting practices procedures and third party auditing of books of accounts.