In this present knowledge driven world, with a general paradigm shifts towards gender equality, necessitated by overall civilisation trends and need for better human capacity utilisation; it has become necessary for the female folks to play a more active role in the field of Information Technology.

More so, considering the fact that we in Nigeria are still at the poor side of the digital divide, it is imperative that we have more and more people, irrespective of gender, getting involved in providing IT solutions; bearing in mind that Information Technology defines the level of development of a nation. In addition, girls playing their part in high-tech computer fields is, actually a call for prosperity, individually and nationally.


In the light of these, we will look into specific fields of Information Technology capacity development, where career could be advanced. And they include international certification programs and IT entrepreneurship. In the area of International Certification programs, we will look at ORACLE database administration; CISCO networking; COMPTIA computer maintenance, computer and data security. These courses are current programs offered by popular international organisations, which enables certified individuals to be employable in various kinds of organisations across the globe. In the area of IT entrepreneurship, we would look at multimedia editing, music sequencing and productions, computer forensics, and E-business solutions. Considering the fact that the great economies of the world are powered by the private sector, the belief is that the female IT entrepreneur will become one of the drivers of our economy, creating wealth as well as providing jobs for many.

(MD Micromedia Computer Ltd)



The teachers who were drawn from Queens School, National Grammar School, Nike, Trans-Ekulu Girls’ Secondary School, Annunciation Secondary School, Abakpa Nike and Independence Layout Secondary School, all in Enugu, described their experiences as wonderful, interesting, challenging, highly packed I.T skill sessions.

They described the Centre as marvelous, conducive for training, user friendly, welcoming and believed that the skills they had acquired would enhance their teaching in their different subject areas which included Biology, English Language, Igbo Language, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Agricultural Science, and French. They described the instructors as knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, humble, skilled, and pleasant

Entry Level
Ninety-five percent of the participants described themselves as novices in the computer. Some said that they used to fear coming near the computer and never knew the extent of the resource capacity of the computer.

Exit Level
On exiting the training. most of the participants feel comfortable using the computer for simple tasks such as word processing using the Microsoft word and excel. In their own words, the following represent their exit level.

  • I can boldly approach a computer set and work with it without thinking that it will break or bite me. The computer has been demystified for me.

  • I am now aware of computer terms. I have skills in managing the mouse and the keyboard.

  • I can now manipulate different computer software packages such as Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint.

  • I learnt useful computer software packages and can manipulate the computer now, can now touch the computer without being afraid. I am now informed about the capacity of the net for sourcing information

  • I now have knowledge of the computer and what it is about and how to practice other skills on it.

  • I have learnt a lot and can actually teach the youths under my care in my secondary school. Thanks to my experience in Inwelle Centre I.T. training for teachers of secondary schools.

Some express the need for acquiring personal computers in order to be able to practice the skills they were taught. Some decried their prior inexperience in the computer as an impediment to maximizing the opportunity the training accorded them. The training, therefore, was tasking and demanding for novices.

Requests & Recommendations
All the participants stressed the need to extend the training to more teachers who will then teach youths under their care and also be able to use the skills for grading and for generating educational materials. They all decried the absence of internet at the Centre. They stressed that to build their capacity and be in a position to guide the youths to successful future, they need to have access to the global village through the internet.

Some Of The Voices Of Participants
Although I was a novice when I came to the Centre, I am now able to boast of having computer skill. I wish that the Centre will install fast internet connection and also advertise its good work by using radio jingles and television so that other people can benefit from the Centre. I request that more teachers be sent to this Centre for training. Ugwu Patience – NGS Nike Enugu

My experience here has been very interesting, the environment very conducive, the proprietor very friendly, and our instructor very knowledgeable. I have been able to learn some computer skills that will enable me teach effectively. I now face the challenge of improving myself in the use of the computer and being able to apply computer skills in teaching the youths at my school. I hope that the Centre will be connected to the internet soon to enable me learn more skills that will be useful to my students. Iketaku Ifeoma – G.S.S. Abakpa Nike, Enugu

This training was exciting, interesting, and highly packed with I.C.T. skills. I hope the Centre will have satellite sites to enable people living far away to benefit from the Centre resources and skills acquisition workshops. Veronica Nwafor – Independence Layout Junior Secondary School, Enugu

I am very happy to learn computer in this well-equipped and organized place and under a teacher that is knowl-edgeable. I wish to request that the duration of the work-shop be extended. Onwuzulume Caroline – Girls’ Secon-dary School, Abakpa Nike, Enugu.

The training was quite interesting and all the instructors were up and doing. I wish that more teachers would be sent to the Centre for training so that they will be computer literate and in future be able to give assignments and grade students using the computer. Okoye, Anselm Obodoeze – Queen’s School, Enugu.