Specifications for Partnership:

  • Community involvement leading to sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • Outline of programme of Activities that reflect Inwelle Centre vision and mission
  • Commitment to sending annual report to Inwelle Centre, not later than February of the following¬† year after a programme year
  • Providing a room equipped with shelves and access to the¬† internet
  • Sending two or three youths to be trained at Inwelle Centre to learn how to run the satellite centre Commitment to paying stipends to the youths who run the centre.
  • We hold a symposium in December (last Thursday before Christmas usually) to close the project year. Partnering communities are expected to bring all the youths trained in the year to attend this symposium as the youths receive certificates during this symposium. Also, we will appreciate if a resource can come from each community to deliver a paper at the symposium.