Chizoba Umahi, Nee Ofoegbu

My name is Chizoba Ofoegbu. My first time at Inwelle Centre was in 2007 when I came to register for project success. From that very day I became a volunteer. I helped in all areas the centre sent me like registering and arranging books on the shelf, preparing the computer room for project etc. After the project, I continued my volunteering work until I gained admission into Caritas University but I dropped out because of increment in school fees.

When I came back, I was employed at Inwelle Centre as the administrative assistant and I was given the opportunity to study and work for the Centre, which is unbelievable in Nigeria. Then I gained admission in 2009 into Institute of Management and Technology. See Chizoba’s journey as she became a Chemical Engineer, a wife, and a mother.

Such a Centre as IRSC helps to prevent the indigent youth from becoming an adult without adequate inculcation of a proper sense of responsibility and positive societal values.

Chiamaka Okolie

With heart overwhelmed by joy, I want to say thanks to Inwelle Study and Resource Centre, Enugu. I will start by showing my gratitude to Prof. Dr. Christiana Okechukwu for her hospitality towards us throughout the boot camp. Prof, you have proved really that you are a virtuous and a disciplined mother. You made us feel relaxed, lack no food and drinks, taught me skills that will enable me to face and build up my future. I appreciate your kindness. I pray that the almighty God will always protect you from the eyes of the evil ones, and as you continue to enlighten more of my fellow youths, God will give you both earthly and heavenly rewards, for you are one in a million. You deserve every good thing that comes from God.

I won’t forget to say thanks to the teachers and all the people who had contributed in making the 2010 boot camp a successful one, God bless you all. Finally, I want to hail my fellow participants. You all are wonderful. You have made me to believe that I am special to the whole world around me by voting for me to receive an award. You made the boot camp to be a very conducive place for me. We were all united like one family, living in peace and harmony. I must confess that I had never had such a wonderful time with a group of people like you people. I pray that the good Lord will grant you success in everything you lay your hands upon.

I just got through with my computer training and was about to start working with the certificate I got from the training (computer training), before I came to the boot camp. The boot camp really helped me to face and build up my future in so many ways that I cannot begin to list. Most of all Inwelle Centre taught me the knowledge of the importance of education and the ability to be independent and self confident, which gave me the courage to fight to further my education.

And as God may have it, I am now in 2nd year, department of economics in the Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner, Emene, Enugu. By the special grace of God, I plan to be among the best lecturers in the whole federation. And to become a professor in education field so as to be able to enlighten other youths on the importance of education.

I also plan to touch the lives of other girls by making sure that they get the quality education they need to excel in life, to the best of my ability and capability; this will give them the power to fight for their rights wherever and whenever the need arises, and for them to be able to contribute in the society development.